Project Description

Notice anything unusual about this stunning new Perth Patio renovation?

This large Hampton feel gable roof is becoming a common design in projects over the past recent years, but what is unusual is the orientation, with the roof pitched from the widest point and exposing itself to prevailing weather conditions. This orientation has a obvious effect on the use of the area at certain times of the year, however, the Patio has the luxury of a formidable east facing view where the high roof gable line frames the stunning trees at the rear of the property and provides a feeling of space and openness. Additionally, the east orientation avoids the worst of the Westerly weather conditions Perth has to offer and which most structures of this size would contend with.

Stylewise, white on white timber framing and the shadow lining ply ceiling offer a nice cosmetic balance while the additional detail of the structural collar ties, sky lights and designer ceiling fan add definition to break up the white.

Polycarbonate opaque twin wall product has been used to clad the west facing gable end which lets light in and holds wind and rain out extending the range of weather conditions this incredible living space can be enjoyed in.

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