The votes are in and we are pleased to report on the latest in Patio and Alfresco design trends for Perth for 2021. From Hamptons styled pitch roof structures to Skillion roof lines, thick hardwood beams and posts, timber and composite decking to white painted timber linings, here are the 5 trends that have defined 2021 for outdoor living designs.

5. Skillion Style

The Skillion style design has made it back in vogue after 25 years sidelined to the common pitch roof. The clean lines and simplicity of this style are modern and all class. Having the ceiling angled or level in finish exposes the timber lining boards , ply panel sheets or whatever the material used .The roof and its perimeter frame the  focal selected  detail like a picture on a wall.

skillion patio roof
skillion patio roof

4. Timber and Composite Decking

Patio design doesn’t only focus on the structure that protects you from the elements, it also should focus on what is under your feet. The warmth of timber has always been an option and now with the low maintenance composites on the market this has seen styles that couldn’t be catered for.

Washed weather timbers in a composite finish are all in fashion from light to dark greys. These are products that you will see in contemporary mono tone colour schemes with texture the contrasting element rather than colour.

3. Solar Span with Timber

The ever-increasing popularity of Solar Span has aided our design team incorporating this into our timber designed alfresco and free standing poolside cabana’s and patios. Whilst keeping true to the Solar Span product and its requirements, softening the colorbond roof panel has been overlooked in patio design. The colorbond steel patio market has been using the insulated roof panels for some time now and from aesthetics these lacked warmth and character in the residential marketplace. The use of contrasting natural timber against the roof panel has now made this product more appealing to those wanting that cosmetic finish rather than the commercial style application it has received in the past.

skillion patio roof
Timber Alfresco Design

2. Hardwood Beams & Posts

This favourable design trend at present speaks to those looking to upgrade from stained or painted treated timbers. Simple, elegant Merbau or Kapur laminated hardwood beams and posts can bring that simple gable or skillion addition to the next level.

1. Hamptons Style Pitch Roof with White Lining Boards ( White on White )

The light, bright, sophisticated beach vibe of Hamptons is on trend right now and perfect for our Perth coastal lifestyle.  Whilst the lining of outdoor ceilings with cedar timber has been at the forefront of lining finishes for some time, the Hamptons white on white trend is a fresh new look embraced by Perth.

While keeping with traditions, Perth Patios like to think outside of the box when it comes to ceiling lining materials. Perth Patios latest designs use design pine,  finishing the ceiling in a classic white. The boards are usually installed over the joists, but recent jobs we have detailed the rafters and placed the lining boards above the rafters, giving the ceiling that exposed beam design.

skillion patio roof