Pacific Jarrah (Manilkara Bidentata)

Pacific Jarrah (Manilkara Bidentata)

Another exciting product is Pacific Jarrah (Manilkara Bidentata) this South American timber is very stable and durable with a high density rating and as a class 2: rated timber is a great substitute for the Australian Jarrah.

Pacific Jarrah (Manilkara) is an excellent alternative to Merbau with minimal leaching, of a similar price. Austin Development’s Pacific Jarrah is sourced from verified forests and may be used in both timber decking and timber screens. Available in 90mmx19mm and 140mmx90mm profile which may be dressed smooth all sides.

Pacific Jarrah (Manilkara) is white ant resistant, very resistant to fungal decay and is of class 2 durability in ground (some Class1). The colour is like Jarrah minus Jarrah’s signature gum vein and the timber darkens naturally to brown red before ageing to a soft grey colour if not oiled. A strong and moderately heavy timber, used for decking (and bridges and railway sleepers overseas) it is knot free, straight grained with some interlocking.

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