DIY Decking

Be surprised! DIY decking may not be the cheapest option for your timber decking project.

DIY Decking seems like a great option for many people, especially when considering the budgets on larger projects. With the explosion in DIY decking products and lifestyle television programs many people consider DIY decking as their first option when planning a new project.

There are many costs involved in a decking project and using a trusted decking builder may actually work out cheaper than you think and certainly comparable to DIY decking prices.

Austin Developments has over 30 years’ experience in decking projects and that experience can translate to cost savings for our customers in terms of efficient project design and management, simplifying the process for any required approvals and leveraging our wholesale decking purchasing power to deliver savings for you.

Additionally, the cost of retrofitting or retro fixing a decking project can blow out the cost of the best planned projects and is a constant source of contact calls made to our business.

Whatever your final conclusion on the best way forward with your project, make sure you take the time to get a competitive quote from us first when considering any DIY decking project.