Decking Maintenance

Having a great decking does not mean you need to become a slave to it. Maintaining your decking is often much easier than people expect, and with the correct choice of decking products for your location and application, decking maintenance can in most cases be minimal.

Timber is an organic product and even the hardest of hardwoods will age and weather over time. A timber deck will require maintenance over time to protect it from the effects of harsh outdoor environments, discolouration, moisture and disintegration.

Composite decking is a manufactured product typically made of recycled plastic, plantation timber or timber by products such as sawdust. Because of its inorganic nature and additives such as UV stabilisers and pigments, composite decking typically requires less maintenance than timber decking varieties.

Decking maintenance will typically involve routine inspection to ensure fasteners remain secure, that stumps and bearers do not show signs of movement and that finishes, if any are still acting effectively or need to be reapplied. Austin Developments typically recommend that new decks be oiled 3 times per year in the first 2 years, 2 times per year for the next 3 years and annually thereafter . This is obviously dependent on the  application,  environment and type of finish used and our team can discuss this with you during our initial consultation.

For information on different decking products, their maintenance and suitability for your new decking project, contact Austin Developments and speak to one of our decking professionals today.