Hamptons Style Gable Roof Patio

This large Hampton feel gable roof is becoming a common design in projects over the past recent years, but what is unusual is the orientation, with the roof pitched from the widest point and exposing itself to prevailing weather conditions. This orientation has a obvious effect on the use of the area at certain times of the year, however, the Patio has the luxury of a formidable east facing view where the high roof gable line frames the stunning trees at the rear of the property and provides a feeling of space and openness.


Black and White Hampton Style Skillion

On this light and dark skillion roofed poolside retreat, white timber lining provides a remarkable contrast to the black and darker tones of the roof flashing . The texture of the screen Sycon lining to the rear compliments both the lining boards and the dark roof lines, which is both simple and classic all at the same time. 


White Timber Lining Our Display Gazebo

We applied a popular white timber lining treatment and a classic white Colorbond roof to contrast with the natural timber colors of the posts and beams. This look is in really in vogue at present in particular with pitched roof and skillion style structures Patios, Alfrescos and Gazebos.